Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Saved by a Belle

I have found work and acommodation which will keep me going for a little while yet. So, no flight out on Friday. This is going to be a difficult post....I'm finding it hard to find the words with which to express my heartfelt thanks to all those who have helped me these last few weeks so I'm just going to list names because they'll all know why they are mentioned.....Lisa, Ward and Martin. Ann and Bill. David. Cristina. Keith. Margaret and Christy. Erica. Teresa (the belle of my title, more of why later) and Dave. Tina and Barry. And Larisa, who really meant what she said last year, -mi casa, tu casa-.

This last week "home" has been with her here in Calahonda where we've spent the time together gardening out on her terrace splitting and repotting all the shubbery, swimmimg in the pool, shopping, cooking and generally having an otherwise lazy time in front of Russian TV (I've nearly learnt her alphabet off the screen.) and now, sat in a cafe next to the local supermarket where there is a poorly advertised hotspot that I only realized existed yesterday I have just been called and told to buy a kilo of Sardines for lunch. No lickee fingers...that's the rule! But will old habits die? For my sake, I hope so.

Early last year I helped a lonely and very homesick lady get onto her feet after arriving to start a new life here in Spain. Teresa has never forgotten that and has always said that she will never allow me to go back to the UK if it's in her power to do so. Her bar is going from success to more success and she has now offered me my job back on the strength of that success. And I'm grateful. Included in the deal is the use of an apartment for a while (for free) that she knows of nearby the bar which, all in all, should give me time to get reorganised and maybe allow me to followup the possibilty that I can go back to that bar/restaurant in Playamar and be trained as a professional cook through the winter period. So, to kick things off, I'll be moving back to Torre on Friday, starting work with her in the evening. And to top it all I'm being lent a PAYG internet dongle to keep myself online more easily.

I'd better go and get the Sardines.