Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Well, Here it is

As usual, my day off dawned very wet and very bleak, putting the dampers on my mounting excitement about the day's pending activity...going to see Larisa in order to introduce you two to each other. An early trip to the shops was first on the agenda which bagged some packets of Bomba rice and stuff to finish off the list of ingredients for a sangria followed by an ironing session to try and dry the wet trousers brought in out of the rain earlier. I was worried about driving a strange car (and an automatic to boot), in the rain, all the way to Calahonda but after realizing that my left foot was not required I was soon relatively comfortable poodling along in the inside lane through Torremolinos Centro, then Benalmádena and Fuengirola on the Coast Road, eventually arriving at Lary's open front door rather later than she wanted. Prawns, Baby Squid, Chorizo and Sardines, all cooked on my plancha, started us off and, much to my amazement, you found even the squid tentacles delicious! The sangria, my sangria, wasn't bad either it seems because two jugs (two small jugs, pressed into service quickly because of the disaster with the proper one) disappeared between the three of us. Later, after an hour or so's respite, back into the kitchen we all went where you witnessed one of our "committee jobs" take shape....a paella, and the fun we have together making the thing! After cheesecake and a cup of tea, and just before leaving on our spontaneous tour of the back streets of Benalmádena due to someone moving the road from where I thought it was, I remembered to get the camera out and here it is, something that I have waited 4 years or so for ...... say n'more.

Actually, had I forgotten about the photo (and I nearly did) it wouldn't have mattered would it because on Saturday she wants us all to do it again, out on a terrace, hopefully in some sun, either here or there. And if things pan out in my favour (ie she comes here) I'll get to do my Trout dish.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Some Thanks are Due

To those people who have emailed me about the cam etc. I'm sorry I don't reply personally but there are too many for that and in any case the ADSL connection here in this apartment is very intermittent and I'll be extremely lucky if I get this note published before it goes down again.

Quite where this blog is going to go now that you are about to meet Larisa I don't know because of course the underlying theme has always been to paint a picture for you about my friendship with her and what we get up to. I have been waiting these last few years for the very moment that is fast approaching, and looking forward to it, but now that it is almost here there is for me a sense of "closure" penultimate goal is being achieved. All on hold at the moment of course while she gets over the bad cold that she has but the two postponements so far may be fate taking a hand because it will be better for the three of us if, as she now hopes, she is well enough on Wednesday, my day off. While this ADSL connection is alive tonight I've checked the weather forecast.....more of the same....wet and gloomy, even thundery so Trout Al Fresco, out on the terrace, may not be possible after all. We'll see; whatever happens, the sangria will go down well I promise! And I must remember to collect my camera from my own apartment beforehand, there will be at least one photo that I just have to take!!