Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Getting warmer

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far, 31C/88F which was achieved at about 3pm and maintained for about an hour according to my records. Luckily the bar where I am working has AirCon installed so life late yesterday afternoon was not too uncomfortable. It's when the humidity goes high that life gets warm but along with the high temperature there was very low humidity (21%). The 5 day forecast is beginning to indicate that temperatures are starting to climb so maybe the rain we had last Fri/Sat was the last for a while.

Going to get my blood pressure checked (wearing a short-sleeved shirt this time in case the rolled-up sleeve on Monday caused the higher reading)..........
............140/93 with a pulse of 68. Lower. Makes me wonder whether the compression of a rolled-up sleeve has an effect.

Last night at the bar I was left on my own to "sink or swim". Not a problem, I survived. Tonight is the last with Phil and Denise around. Tomorrow I have to collect the keys at about 1pm and see them off to Cherbourg.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Happy Days

As planned I turned up at 6pm last night to start work ready to take over on Thursday. Nice little bar, bit tight for workspace though. It seems that I will be in charge until the 22nd June and the arrangement we have come to regarding my time is very satisfactory. The menu has been taken down because, single-handed, I can't manage the kitchen as well as the bar and anyway Phil is a chef and I don't suppose he would want to risk his menu in my hands!! That's fair enough. Torremolinos is quite small when it comes to seeing people that you know and last night I met 4 folk known to me who use this bar amongst others, even a customer of mine from the Bar Jardin came in and that's quite a way for him to walk for his age. Not that he came to see me, this bar is just on his weekly "round" I suspect.

Monday, 28 May 2007

Health check etc

Been to the FarmacĂ­a for my fairly regular blood pressure check (Doctor's request). A liitle high today at 158/91. Just recently it's been lower at around 145/85 so I'l have to wait and see what result I get on Wednesday. Also, I took the opportunity to spend 40cents on the weight and height machine......78.85kgs / 1.77m ( 12.4st / 5ft 9.5ins) which is about 7lbs over for my height. Not bad. I dont think I'm going to worry about a diet or anything.

As it happens, today I start a little job that is going to last until about 20th June. Running a friends bar as a holiday relief. That should see a few lbs come off hopefully. Today I am to go in at 6pm to start familiarizing myself with the business because on Thursday I take over as their holiday begins at about midday. Should be fun.

January saw some gutsy storms as the photo shows. It's been a little cool of late and quite cloudy and showery. Hopefully the summer should kick in properly soon but I notice that the forecasts are not particularly good for the near future.....much of the same to come