Sunday, 8 November 2009

Up and Running

The pleasant weather (for this time of year at least) continues albeit with some fresh winds blowing most evenings causing problems with bar terraces and the like. Rain is being forecast for the end of next week but that's a little while yet and the outlook may change in the interim.

My usual Sunday jaunt to The Ship isn't happening today because I have to work tonight to help cover Teresa's absence while she undertakes a visit home to Ireland. The bar continues to do well relative to others in the local area and plans are now being made to capitalize on that good fortune by making changes to the interior to provide extra seating space for the times when the terrace is not an attractive proposition weatherwise.

With Ole-Erik's help all the way from Oslo I have started to setup a website for the bar. A work always in progress of course, as websites inevitably are, the site can now be accessed at Of particular interest, judging by the idea's succcess in the bar itself, is an archive of photos taken of visitors to the bar. These are uploaded immediately into a slideshow running on the bar's Apple Mac computer thereby allowing folk to see themselves enjoying their visit to Teresa's. Most then ask if they can download their photo for themselves so there is a "Gallery" on the website where that job can be done once they get home.

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