Saturday, 29 September 2007

A sad day looms

Tomorrow (Sunday) the Red lion is going to close, forever. It's destiny lies in the hands of a Demolition squad and Developers. Who knows what the future holds. Presently though the local community is concerned about where they will be able to socialize as comfortably as they could in Tina & Barry's company. Time will tell.

I'm waiting for a Chicken Curry to cook for my evening meal which means that I've had time to send an SMS to Lary inviting her to attend the party tomorrow (from 2pm) that Tina & Barry are throwing to mark their retirement from (and the closure of) the bar. I have been daft enough to tell her not to bother to reply, just to surprise me by arriving but now, I am beginning to bemoan the fact that I won't hear from her in response. Which to date, I haven't and I won't. I hate one way conversations with her! But this my fault. An 'alert' about an SMS message having arrived on my mobile provides an excitement that is impossible to describe but I've told her not to bother. The curry will be no compensation I can tell you. But if she does turn up tomorrow I will know that Heaven does exist. For sure.

The curry is beginning to smell good by the way. Might be that the ever diminishing bottle of Red Wine has a hand in that impression! No! It does smell good....honest.

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